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9 Must Do Ideas To Creating The Yard You'll Love

1) Do Not Use Straight Lines.
  • There is nothing more boring than landscaping using straight lines. There are no straight lines in nature. Let your flower beds curve. Use a rope or garden hose to play with the outline
2) Plant In Odd Number Groups. 
  • Plants look their best when planted in odd number groups (eg. 3, 5, 7) . It is an unwritten aesthetic rule that just make any garden look better. There are principles of repetition and rhythm that play into this theory.  When planting your garden or shrubbery, always think of a triangle and cluster them to create a wow effect. 
3) Use Boulders.
  • Naturalize your landscape with boulder outcroppings. Bury the bottom so that it creates a natural effect. Plant some dwarf conifiers or ornamental grasses around them. Use them isn clusters and make sure they are large enough.
4) Create Container Interest.
  • Containers add foliage and color to walkways , patios and decks. Try a single container to mark the entrance to a walkway or arrange a bowl of impatiens to brighten a shady area. Experiment with groupings of flowers or simply plant a single variety of flowers or shrub to bring in attention. 
5) The Formula For Garden Success
  • 95% of success as a gardener relies on the quality of your soil. Get a sol test and turn dirt into gardening soil and watch your plants and shrubs come to life.
6) Build An Island Garden
  • Curve a small area in one corner and plant a few shrubs, low maintenance grasses and perennials.
7) Pick The Right Size Plant For The Area
  • A common mistake that homeowners make is to choose plants that grow to big for their space. Avoid the temptation to purchase larger plants to fill in the space more quickly. If your planting space is 3 feet height by 4 feet wide, be careful not to choose a plant that will eventually reach 8 feet high or 8 feet wide. 
8) Think Of Seasonal Interest
  • Plan your landscape to different plant species that provide color at various times of the year. DON'T FORGET ABOUT WINTER. Use a decent amount of trees and shrubs that add color texture and form to the winter season landscape. The Red-twig Dogwood is a perfect example with its red leaves in the fall and red branches against the snow in the winter. Use plenty of evergreens with shades of green, blue and yellow along with deciduous shrubs that have vibrant stem color. 
9) Simplify.
  • Choose a few species and stay with them. Fewer varieties but more plants of the same variety, not only create continuity in the design but also are easier to maintain. 
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